Work Comes Before Recess

Here are a few articles about our efforts to #MakeCongressWorkAgain that I thought you might want to see:

1. Work Comes Before Recess

"If you don’t work, you really can’t take a break. That’s basically the message U.S. Sen. David Perdue is sending to Congress. He wants to see more of President Donald Trump’s nominees move through the confirmation pipeline and says there also needs to be some progress made on spending bills. Only then should Congress take its annual August recess. ‘We are willing to do whatever is necessary to get these confirmations done and debate funding bills now,’ Perdue said."

Read more in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

2. Stop The Cycle

"Senator David Perdue and other likeminded Republicans are trying to stop the cycle of Congress waiting until the end of the year to pass a massive spending bill full of hidden waste and to end Democrats' obstruction of Trump nominees. Perdue is urging Leader McConnell to keep senators in Washington for five full days a week and on the weekends so the Senate can force Democrats to stop the delaying tactics."

Read more in The Washington Free Beacon.

3. White House Support

"The White House hopes the Senate will get spending bills done and curtail the nominations backlog before the August recess, but it is backing a call to cut down the break if needed to overcome delays in confirming President Donald Trump’s nominations."

Read more in Roll Call.