Three things


Here's three things that happened this week that I didn’t want you to miss:

1. Relief for small businesses available now 

  • Small businesses who are struggling to pay their employees can now apply for the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides up to $10 million dollars in loans to businesses with under 500 employees.
  • These loans are entirely forgivable if used for payroll, rent, interest on a mortgage, or utilities, as long as 75% of the money is used for payroll.
  • After requests from the Administration, Senate Republicans introduced a bill to provide an additional $250 billion in relief for small businesses. Unfortunately, it was blocked by Senate Democrats. 
  • For more information on the Paycheck Protection Program, click here.

2. Georgia gets more money to fight COVID-19 

  • This week, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced that Georgia would receive $9.2 million dollars to fight COVID-19.
  • These funds ensure state and local health departments have the funding they need to test and treat COVID-19 patients.
  • This new funding comes in addition to the $15 million Georgia received last month.
3. Governor Kemp extends stay-at-home order 
  • This week, Governor Brian Kemp extended his stay-at-home order until April 30th. 
  • This comes after President Trump's White House Task Force extended stay-at-home guidelines through the same period.
  • It’s important to follow these guidelines and stay at home as much as possible in order to flatten the curve.


P.S. For more information on COVID-19 and critical resources, check out our resource page here.