The Cost Of Doing Nothing


I wanted to share a few highlights from this week:

1. The Cost Of Doing Nothing

On Tuesday, I joined The Heritage Foundation to talk about the benefits tax changes will have on American workers and our economy. Washington must act with a sense of urgency and get tax done this year. The cost of doing nothing is too high. View a recap of our discussion here.

2. Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

We need an immigration system that better meets the needs of our economy. The RAISE Act is pro-worker, pro-growth, and proven to work. Watch my conversation with Fox News' Steve Hilton here.

3. One more thing...

Washington has got to wake up. Our national debt hit $20 trillion a few weeks ago and no one blinked an eye. As a country we're losing the right to do the right thing. Washington's inability to get its financial house in order is causing us to lose the ability to pay for all the things to do. Four words not in Washington's vocabulary: "We cannot afford it." Unless we solve our debt crisis, we won't be able to deal with emergency situations, invest in our infrastructure, or fund any of our national priorities. This can be fixed but Washington must develop the political will to fix the broken budget process and deal with the exploding debt.

God Bless,