ICYMI: The Afghanistan Strategy We’ve Been Waiting For

I wanted to share my recent commentary on my top priorities in the U.S. Senate.


The Afghanistan Strategy We’ve Been Waiting For

By Sen. David Perdue

Defense News

It’s refreshing that we now have a commander-in-chief who listens to his military leaders and understands we need a better, wiser approach in Afghanistan. He has given us a clear mission, spelled out what will define victory, and given us a broader sense of how to engage the region in a productive dialogue.

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Audit the Department of Defense

By Sen. David Perdue

RealClear Defense

The first responsibility the federal government has, according to the United States Constitution, is to provide for the national defense. Because of Washington’s fiscal intransigence – primarily over the last sixteen years – we find ourselves with a $20 trillion national debt that underpins our ability to fulfill this Constitutional duty and rebuild our military. In this crisis, it is imperative that we know where every single dollar is being spent. It is time we complete a Department of Defense audit, and use it to start rebuilding our military.

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Reinventing Washington’s Broken Budget Process

By Sen. David Perdue& Rep. Doug Collins

RealClear Policy

4:43. Those are the odds the federal government will complete its budget process on time. Since the 1974 Budget Act became law, it has worked the way it was intended just four times in 43 consecutive tries. The American people are fed up with Washington — and rightfully so. Both parties are responsible for this pathetic budgeting record and for its byproduct: a staggering $20 trillion debt. It's time to forge a new path.

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