I voted against the massive "omnibus" spending bill.


I voted against the massive "omnibus" spending bill.

Washington has reached a new low. We are six months into this fiscal year and just now voted on funding for the remainder of it. Not to mention, this is after two shutdowns and five continuing resolutions.

This is beyond pathetic.

This spending bill is not a product that represents everybody. It’s a product written by a few politicians who got in a room and decided how to spend a trillion dollars. The result is a massive spending package projected to increase the federal debt by another trillion dollars.

The larger problem here is Washington's budget process has failed again. It is imperative the newly formed Joint Select Committee change the budget process to address the structural problems that lead to this unacceptable outcome.

I came to the U.S. Senate to change how Washington works, and I have not given up.

We will not solve our nation’s $21 trillion debt crisis by simply fixing the budget process, but we won’t solve the debt crisis unless and until we fix the broken budget process.