Here's how we beat COVID-19


The way we can beat COVID-19 once and for all is to develop safe, effective, and affordable vaccines and treatments.

The Trump Administration just announced Operation Warp Speed, which aims to have treatments and vaccines widely available to all Americans by January 2021.

This initiative will bring the very best of the public and private sectors together to accelerate COVID-19 countermeasures.

Operation Warp Speed will be carried out in three ways:

  1. Development: Supports the most promising COVID-19 vaccine research to ensure the safest and most effective vaccines and treatments are created quickly.
  2. Manufacturing: Cuts red tape to help manufacturers rapidly scale up production of any new vaccines or treatments.
  3. Distribution: Puts plans and systems in place to make sure life-saving vaccines and treatments are available to every American as soon as possible.

The COVID-19 crisis has been a major challenge for our country. With Operation Warp Speed, we are one step closer to putting these hard times behind us.

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P.S. For more information on Operation Warp Speed, click here.