Helping our healthcare workers

Today is the start of Nurse Appreciation Week. This year, we should be especially grateful for their sacrifice during the COVID-19 crisis.

However, a growing nurse and doctor shortage in our country is forcing these healthcare workers to put in grueling hours, come out of retirement, and put themselves at even greater risk to keep Americans safe.

Yesterday, we introduced a bipartisan bill to give healthcare workers some backup.

The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act will: 

  • Bring an additional 25,000 nurses and 15,000 physicians into our healthcare system.
  • Cut red tape preventing many healthcare workers from doing their jobs.
  • Provide relief for healthcare facilities in rural and under-privileged areas. 

Nurses and other healthcare workers are true heroes. We should always appreciate their sacrifice and find ways to help them however we can.


For more information on the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, click here.