Exciting announcements for Georgia


To get through the COVID-19 crisis, we are working hard to make sure state and local officials have the resources they need to keep everyone safe and protect our economic security.

Here are three exciting announcements impacting Georgia that I didn't want you to miss:

  • More funding for public safety needs. The Department of Justice announced that Georgia will receive nearly $16 million to provide overtime pay and personal protective equipment for first responders. These heroes put themselves at risk every day to protect and serve our communities, and these funds will help keep them safe and give them the compensation they deserve.
  • Digital screenings for Georgians. The Federal Communications Commission is awarding Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta over $700,000 to offer virtual health screenings for patients. This will reduce potential exposure to COVID-19 by allowing patients to access medical care from the comfort of their homes.
  • Protecting Georgia Airports. Georgia will receive nearly $411 million to support airports across our state. Georgia has been particularly hard-hit by reduced air travel, and this money will protect thousands of quality jobs.
This is a tough time for every American, but make no mistake: we will do everything we can to make sure everyone gets through it.

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