Atlanta's Best Lunch

Here are a few things I thought you might want to see:

1. Chili Dogs& Frosted Oranges

I recently sat down with Vinnie Politan from 11Alive News for a couple chili dogs and an FO at The Varsity. We talked about what it's like being an outsider in Washington and breaking through gridlock to get things done.

Watch our conversation here.

2. Growing The Economy

President Trump said job one was growing our economy. He's taken action on regulations, energy, and taxes, and we're seeing real results. Today's jobs report shows unemployment is at an 18-year low and earnings are up.

Learn more in Fox News.

3. Back On Track

President Trump's strong message was received by North Korea, and the summit is back on track. We want to move toward the objectives President Trump has laid out: total denuclearization, as well as a potential peace treaty and reunification talks down the road.

Read more in NBC News.