500 and counting


Here are a few things I thought you might want to see:

1. 500 And Counting

Over 500 businesses have announced employee bonuses, wage hikes, or 401(k) match increases as a result of the historic tax cuts signed into law in December, impacting 4 million Americans to date.

Check out Americans for Tax Reform's list of businesses (including many based in Georgia) sharing the benefits of tax cuts here.

2. Freeing Up Capital

The U.S. Senate recently passed a major bipartisan rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations. This week, I talked with the Atlanta Business Chronicle about how this action will free up $2 trillion in capital that has been sitting on the sidelines of our economy.

Read more in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

3. A Tradition Unlike Any Other

All eyes are on Georgia this week as thousands descend on Augusta for The Masters tournament. It's truly a tradition unlike any other.

Take a look at how The Masters began in The Augusta Chronicle.