5 State Of The Union Takeaways

Last night, President Trump laid out a very powerful vision for our country that continues to build on the successes of the last two years.

Here are 5 key takeaways from President Trump’s State of the Union address:

1. Brighter Futures: Many Americans are seeing increased paychecks, more opportunities, and brighter futures for their families. The economy is growing at twice the rate it did under President Obama, and more than 5.3 million new jobs have been created.

2. Secure Borders: President Trump’s top priority is protecting Americans. We need to find a border security solution to stop illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of drugs and crime into our country.

3. Level Playing Field: President Trump is keeping his promise to achieve better trade deals for American workers, farmers, and businesses.

4. Global Security: The world is growing more dangerous. Since day one, President Trump has taken bold action to reassert America’s national security interests. He is displaying strong leadership at a time when the world needs it most.

5. Bipartisan Cooperation: We still need bipartisan solutions to address the rising costs of health care, fix our broken immigration system, rebuild and modernize our infrastructure, and negotiate fair trade deals with our partners around the world.

As President Trump said, “Together, we can break decades of political stalemate. We can bridge old divisions, heal old wounds, build new coalitions, forge new solutions, and unlock the extraordinary promise of America’s future. The decision is ours to make.”

In the United States Senate, I remain focused on getting even more results for Georgians and the American people.