Enough excuses

Yesterday, I introduced my plan to fix our broken funding process. 

Since I came to the Senate, this has been one of my top priorities.

Anyone can see that this process is dysfunctional. In the last 45 years, we’ve had 186 temporary funding bills, 21 shutdowns and only four times when the government has been fully funded, on time. 

My plan – the Fix Funding First Act – makes bold changes to the funding process:

  1. Changes fiscal year to match calendar year.
  2. Provides topline spending levels every two years.
  3. Gives budget the force of law.
  4. Creates real-life consequences for Members of Congress.
  5. Requires 5-year strategic plan.

The plan forces hard decisions to be made at the beginning of the year instead of waiting until the last minute.

It's a necessary first step to reining in our $22 trillion national debt. 

Enough is enough - we will not solve the debt crisis until we fix this funding crisis. 

To read more about my plan, click here.