WTAS: Georgians Praise Senator David Perdue’s Strong Leadership During COVID-19 Crisis

ATLANTA, GA – Georgia community leaders and industry organizations are recognizing U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) for his strong leadership on the federal COVID-19 response and implementation of the CARES Act. Senator Perdue is speaking daily with local community leaders, small business owners, farmers, individuals and industry groups across the state that have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Georgia Hospital Association: “Time and again, Senator Perdue has connected our 165 hospital members from all corners of the state with appropriate administration officials who have assisted them in meeting these extraordinary challenges. Senator Perdue is there when we need him and is always quick to respond.” – Earl Rogers, President & CEO, Georgia Hospital Association 

Georgia Hispanic Chamber: “Senator Perdue has been very generous with his time and we’re grateful for his leadership. The Senator has spoken to our membership during the COVID-19 crisis on several occasions, giving us updates and answering questions. We appreciate everything he is doing for us. We will keep the faith and keep doing the work on our end to get through this tough time.”– Santiago Marquez, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Metro Atlanta Chamber: “We appreciate Senator Perdue for taking time to update our business community and respond to questions on the federal government’s response to COVID-19. It is critical that we hear from our leaders in Washington as we address our community’s needs today and navigate the path ahead. Balancing the health of our families and neighbors with the health of our economy remains our priority as leaders across our community take steps that will help us emerge as a stronger region and state.” – Katie Kirkpatrick, Chief Policy Officer, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Georgia Bankers Association: “Senator Perdue’s voice is one that is listened to. When he speaks, people pay attention, whether it’s on the Banking Committee or when he was fighting for disaster relief after Hurricane Michael. He has been the voice of reason, and we are so thankful for all he does for Georgia.” – Joe Brannen, President and CEO, Georgia Bankers Association

Georgia Farm Bureau: “Georgia Farm Bureau appreciates all that Senator Perdue is doing to assist our farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate through these uncertain and unprecedented times, his leadership and steadfast support of Georgia agriculture is invaluable to help our farmers get through these difficult times.” – Gerald Long, President, Georgia Farm Bureau 

Savannah Area Chamber: “We appreciated the Senator carving out some time to give our members an update and answer their questions directly. He has been great about connecting with Georgians and organizations all across the state, and his team has been in constant communication with us.” – Michael Owens, President of the Tourism Leadership Council

National Federation of Independent Business: “Given his business background, we are pleased to have Senator Perdue leading our state and country at such a critical time. Due to the coronavirus public health emergency, NFIB is taking all the steps that we can to provide businesses with the most up-to-date information as they decide what’s next for them and their employees.” – Nathan Humphrey, Georgia Director for NFIB

Georgia Association of Broadcasters: “More Americans are dependent on their local news stations for reliable news and information as we wade through this COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of Georgia broadcasters and their employees, we sincerely thank Senator Perdue for everything he has done to make the Paycheck Protection Program a reality.” – Bob Houghton, President, Georgia Association of Broadcasters

Atlanta Rotary Club: “We greatly appreciate Senator Perdue for taking time during the COVID-19 crisis to share important information and answers questions from our Rotary club members. The Senator has always made time to speak to our club on important topics that affects all Georgians.” – C. David Moody, Jr, President, Rotary Club of Atlanta