WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Widespread Support For Senator Perdue’s Plan To Fix Congress’s Broken Funding Process

ATLANTA, GA – Former U.S. Senate leadership and policy groups support U.S. Senator David Perdue’s (R-GA) proposal to change Congress’s broken funding process.

Over the past four years, Senator Perdue has met with policy experts, outside groups, retired Members of Congress, and his colleagues from both parties and chambers to study best practices and highlight the flaws of the current funding process. The Fix Funding First Act is the culmination of Senator Perdue’s efforts to change the way Washington works.

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS): “Do we need funding process reform in the Congress? Obviously, we do and have for a long time. The system has broken down that funds the government. Senator Perdue of Georgia has a plan that would improve the process. He has done a lot of work on this since coming to Congress. As a highly successful businessman who had to deal with budgets, he was very concerned with what he observed in this area. So he started thinking and talking to people with experience about what to do. His plan includes process milestones with consequences if they are not met. It makes budgets a law and quite sensibly changes the fiscal year in order to give Congress more time to complete the process. Senator Perdue’s plan won’t fix all the problems, but it is a major step to help make the budget process work. As a former Senate leader and member of the Budget and Finance Committees, I can say from experience that this needs to be done!”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: "We commend Senator Perdue for putting forward the Fix Funding First Act of 2019, a bill containing many proposals that would improve the federal budget process. He deserves praise for his tireless work and commitment to reforming our broken budget process. Unfortunately, the process has descended into an exercise in political posturing and jumping from crisis to crisis. Sen. Perdue's ideas are a helpful contribution to the reform debate and would create a framework for a more thoughtful and timely federal budget process.” – Maya MacGuineas, President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

National Taxpayers Union: “With our budget deficit approaching a trillion dollars, it's essential for Congress to enact reforms that facilitate better stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The Fix Funding First Act would laudably inject more accountability, stronger enforcement mechanisms, and greater fiscal responsibility into the budget process. We look forward to working with Senator Perdue and other lawmakers to implement the reforms necessary to properly prioritize spending and constrain unwarranted government expansion.” – Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union

Coalition to Reduce Spending: "Congressional budgeting is disastrously broken, and politicians have been allowed to kick the can without consequences for over a generation. Desperately needed reforms will remain little more than a fantasy as long as most spending is passed at the last minute and in enormous packages that most elected officials never read. We're excited to see Senator Perdue introduce important reforms in the Fix Funding First Act, and fiscal conservatives should be excited as well to see progress on this critical issue.” –  Jonathan Bydlak, President, Coalition to Reduce Spending


 When Senator Perdue was elected, he was the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress. He is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Agriculture Committees.