WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Strong Support For Perdue, Jones’ School Safety Clearinghouse Act

Would Establish Information Database On Safe School Design

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Educators, school administrators, and design experts are praising U.S. Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Doug Jones’ (D-AL) bipartisan School Safety Clearinghouse Act, which would establish a federally-funded and housed information clearinghouse detailing best practices for school security and design.

Governor Brian Kemp: “Keeping our children, teachers, and school administrators safe is a top priority of my administration. That’s why this year we allocated $30,000 per school – with complete local control – to allow communities to protect their schools and classrooms. In addition to providing these resources to local governments, we also doubled funding for the successful APEX program in Georgia high schools to provide enhanced mental health services to students in crisis. I thank Senator Perdue for his dedication and strong leadership on this issue at the federal level, and I look forward to working together along with the Trump administration to implement innovative solutions on school security.” —Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Georgia Department of Education: “As educators, school safety is our foremost responsibility and priority. The establishment of a school safety clearinghouse will ensure that all schools have a simple, streamlined way to access resources and best practices as they work to keep all students safe.” —Georgia State Superintendent Richard Woods

American Institute of Architects: “More than 20 years after the attack at Columbine High School, our schools deserve to be safer. As architects, we know how to help. Design serves as a critical element in making our airports, stadiums and office buildings safer following September 11. Senators Perdue and Jones should be commended for introducing new legislation that will give education officials the vetted information they are desperately seeking to create safe and secure schools for America’s children and teachers.” —Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer, American Institute of Architects

Association of School Business Officials International: “ASBO International applauds Senator Perdue and Senator Jones’ leadership with this legislation, which will provide best practices, tools, and resources to improve the safety of our nation’s schools. School district leaders and educators need more support – not mandates – to provide safe and secure educational facilities where children can learn and thrive. We are proud to support this bill!” —David Lewis, Executive Director, Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO)

Safe Schools for Alex: “Senator David Perdue and Senator Doug Jones, thank you for introducing the School Safety Clearinghouse Act. This will create a central repository of all information relating to the safety and security of schools. This is a huge step forward in protecting our children.” —Max Schachter, Safe Schools for Alex

The School Superintendents Association:  “AASA is pleased to see Congress take this critical step to fund and house a clearinghouse providing superintendents the ability to access unbiased information about how to construct and maintain safe and secure school buildings. Creating a one-stop shop for school safety building design is exactly the kind of work that the federal government is well positioned to do to enhance school safety.” —Daniel Domenech, Executive Director, The School Superintendents Association (AASA)