VIDEO: Georgia Farmers Celebrate Passage Of Disaster Relief Bill

DOERUN, GA – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, released the following video recapping a roundtable discussion on the recently-signed disaster relief bill at Davis Family Farms in Doerun, Georgia. The Senator also highlighted the positive impact that the bill will have on Georgia farmers and rural communities. Today marks eight months since Hurricane Michael hit Southwest Georgia.

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Senator Perdue: “We’re here in Doerun, Georgia at Davis Family Farms with well over 100 farmers today talking about the disaster relief bill.”

Dick Minor, Minor Brothers Farms: “Hurricane Michael affected us tremendously in our cotton crop and also in our specialty crops, and most of it was a total loss after the hurricane.”

Bart Davis, Davis Family Farms: “We lost about 60% of our cotton crop, a lot of infrastructure. You get west of here, a lot of the guys lost 100% of the cotton crop.”

Senator Perdue: “Yesterday, on Air Force One, President Trump signed the disaster relief bill on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.”

Dick Minor: “We are so thankful of the hard work that Senator Perdue did getting this disaster bill passed. It’s so critical to our communities. Not only the farmers, but the communities here in South Georgia.”

Bart Davis: “This disaster package ain’t only for us as farmers, it’s for rural Georgia and rural America.”

Russ Goodman, Cogdell Berry Farm: “It is going to make a huge impact in the families and the farm families where I live.”

Senator Perdue: “We’re here today talking about how to get this relief back to the people who need it, back to the banks who have given them patient help in the past few months. But this was eight months since Hurricane Michael went through this very area here in Southwest Georgia. I’m so proud to be down here. This is the best of America right here. The farming community is the backbone of America. We’re not only feeding America, we’re feeding the world. I’m just thankful that we were able to get this done and get this relief moving.”