U.S. Senate Gets Results Working Through August Recess

87% of government funded, 43 nominees confirmed

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) highlights significant progress made in funding the government and confirming President Trump’s nominees by working through August:

“Americans heard President Trump loud and clear when he said he would not sign another massive omnibus spending bill. That’s why we pushed for the Senate to work through August to avoid another last-minute spending battle. With extra time on the calendar, Congress has completed almost 90 percent of the federal government’s discretionary funding for next year. We’ve also confirmed 43 of the President’s nominees this month, which includes 15 lifetime-appointed federal judges. We’re on the right track, but there’s a lot more work to be done. Right now, we have a bicameral, bipartisan select committee that is working to fix this broken budget process once and for all. Congress has only fully funded the government on time four times in the past 44 years, and the last time was in 1996. We need to keep up the pace and get our job done for the American people.”

Senate August Results:

  • 87% of government funding bills passed
  • 43 total nominees confirmed
    • 15 lifetime-appointed judges confirmed to federal bench – including Judge Stan Baker from Georgia
    • 26 executive branch nominees confirmed
    • 2 tax court judges confirmed
  • Major defense bill signed into law
  • More than 287,000 pages processed for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh
  • 25 bills and resolutions passed
  • Procedural hurdle cleared to confirm eight additional judicial nominees before September 7

 On May 10, Senator Perdue and 15 other senators sent a letter to Leader McConnell, pushing for the previously-scheduled August recess to be canceled in order to confirm President Trump’s nominees and fund the government before the end of the fiscal year on September 30th. On June 5, Leader McConnell updated the Senate calendar to extend the work period.