Press Releases

July 2015
Senator David Perdue Statement On Chattanooga Shootings
Senator David Perdue: Paramount President Obama Honors 60-Day Congressional Review Period
Senator David Perdue Votes To End Washington Control Of Education, Stop Common Core
Senator David Perdue: Getting Washington Out Of Our Classrooms
Senator David Perdue Champions Conservative Amendments During Education Reform Debate
Senator David Perdue Statement on Announcement of Nuclear Agreement with Iran
ICYMI: Senator David Perdue Demands Cost Benefit Analysis of State Department Facility
Senator David Perdue Responds to Proposed Army Cuts
Senator Perdue to DHS: “Sanctuary Jurisdictions” Endanger Public Safety
Senator David Perdue: Empty Negotiation Terms Should Result in an Empty Negotiation Table
Senator David Perdue Introduces Georgia Avian Bird Flu Expert at Agriculture Committee Hearing
Georgia Congressional Delegation Calls for Federal Review of Proposed State Department Training Facility
ICYMI: Senator David Perdue: Usher The Return of The Citizen Legislator By Imposing Term Limits
June 2015
Senator David Perdue: Iran Moving Dangerously Closer To Nuclear Weapon
Senator David Perdue Stands With Charleston Community
Senator David Perdue: Obamacare Still A Disastrous Law That Must Be Repealed
Senator David Perdue: Trade Must Be Transparent And Accountable To The American People
Senator David Perdue: Obamacare Was Wrong From The Start
Senators Kirk, Ayotte, Cotton, Perdue Introduce Just Google It Act to End Wasteful Printing of Government Documents Found Online
Senator David Perdue Supports A Strong National Defense
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