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December 2017
2017 In Photos
Senator David Perdue Highlights President Trump’s Year of Accomplishments
Senator David Perdue Leads Effort To Strengthen Secure Mail Initiative Program
Senator David Perdue Tackles False Claims About The Tax Plan
Senator David Perdue Highlights Historic Tax Cuts On Conservative Radio
Senator David Perdue: This Is The Capstone On A Very Successful Year
Senator David Perdue: This Is An Historic Achievement
Senator David Perdue Discusses Historic Tax Cuts On CNBC
Senator David Perdue Comments On President Trump’s National Security Strategy
Record High Optimism
Senator David Perdue: UN Report On Iran Validates U.S. Concerns
Senator David Perdue Introduces Georgia Federal Judge Nominee In Confirmation Hearing
Senator David Perdue Introduces Atlanta-Based U.S. Circuit Judge Nominee In Confirmation Hearing
Senator David Perdue On The Signing Of Major Defense Bill Into Law
What They Are Saying: Annual Defense Bill Critical To Georgia’s Military Community
Senator David Perdue: We Must Remain Vigilant In Protecting Our Homeland
Georgia Is Leading The Way
Senator David Perdue: Tax Changes Are A Win For Americans
Senator David Perdue Blasts Government Funding Process
Calhoun Times: Senator Perdue addresses local elected officials at White House - “Georgia is leading the way”
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