Press Releases

April 2018
Senators Isakson, Perdue Applaud Senate Confirmation of Two U.S. Marshals
Senator David Perdue: Mike Pompeo Will Make Our Country Proud
Senator David Perdue: Speed Up The Confirmation Process
Senator David Perdue: Mike Pompeo Is The Right Person For The Job
Senator David Perdue: No One Wants North Korea To Have Nuclear Capabilities
Senator David Perdue: We Need All Hands On Deck
North Korea's Back Against The Wall
Senator David Perdue: No Way To Run A Government
Senator David Perdue on Hugh Hewitt: This Is No Way To Run A Railroad
Senators Isakson, Perdue Applaud Atlanta Selection As Finalist For U.S. Army Futures Command
Senator David Perdue: CFPB’s Wild Goose Chase Should End Immediately
Senator David Perdue: There’s No Higher Calling For The United States Congress
Senator David Perdue Comments On Former First Lady Barbara Bush
Senator David Perdue: This Is A Mega Turnaround
Senator David Perdue Talks Trade Negotiations On CNBC
Senators Isakson, Perdue Applaud Approval of Georgia ‘Opportunity Zones’
Americans Are Winning Again
Georgia Workers & Businesses Benefiting From Tax Cuts
Senator David Perdue: Assad’s Inhumane Actions Will Not Be Tolerated
Senators Call For Action To Halt North Korea-Syria Chemical Weapons Coordination
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