Press Releases

November 2019
Senator David Perdue Honors Georgia’s Veterans
Honoring our veterans
Senator David Perdue Keynotes Museum Of Aviation’s 35th Anniversary Celebration
Saving our seas
Senator David Perdue: This Is Nothing But A Show Trial
Senator David Perdue Supports Committee Action To Change Broken Budget Process
Senator David Perdue Takes Action To Eliminate Plastic Waste In Ocean
Senator David Perdue Addresses Rotary Club Of Atlanta
Senator David Perdue: Military Needs Consistent Funding To Continue ISIS Fight
October 2019
Senator David Perdue: Still No Path Forward On Defense Funding
Senator David Perdue: Democrats Continue Campaign Of Disinformation On Pre-Existing Conditions
Joining Bret Baier on Fox News
VIDEO: Senator David Perdue Leads Effort To Strengthen School Safety
Senator David Perdue: A Great Day For America & The World
ISIS Leader Killed By U.S. Special Forces
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
The Illegitimate Impeachment Inquiry
Senator David Perdue Condemns House Of Representatives’ Closed-Door Impeachment Inquiry
Senator David Perdue: Just When You Think Democrats Can’t Get More Hypocritical
Senator David Perdue: House Democrats Are Wasting Time On A Pipe Dream
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