Press Releases

January 2020
Senator David Perdue: President Trump Can Finally Present His Case
Our free-market system works
Senator Perdue on Fox News: “These articles are the fruit of a poisonous tree”
ICYMI: The Senate is poised to conduct a fair trial
Senator David Perdue Talks Impeachment Trial On Hugh Hewitt Show
Senator David Perdue On Meet The Press: Senate Will Have A Fair Trial
With all the noise coming out of Washington…
Senator David Perdue Talks Impeachment Latest On Fox News
Senator David Perdue Votes For Historic USMCA Trade Deal
Senator David Perdue: House Democrats Failed To Make Case For Impeachment
Impeachment Update
Senator David Perdue On U.S.-China Trade Agreement
Senator David Perdue: Free-Market System Works
Georgia Leaders, Trump Administration Stand Together In Fight Against Human Trafficking
Senator David Perdue Stands For Life
Senator David Perdue Keynotes Fruit & Vegetable Grower Conference
Senator David Perdue Honors Military, Intelligence Communities For Successful Mission To Eliminate Soleimani
Senator David Perdue: Speaker Pelosi Is Wasting The American People’s Time
Articles of impeachment: send it or dismiss it.
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