Senator Perdue: We Must Come Together To Stop The President’s Lawless Executive Amnesty

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today voted to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty as part of the Department of Homeland Security funding bill:

“My top priority is defending the Constitution, and protecting the balance of power put in place by our Founders. In addition, as outlined in the Constitution, one of the most important roles of the federal government is to protect our national security. That is why I voted five times to responsibly fund the Department of Homeland Security, while stopping the President's egregious and lawless executive amnesty.

“Unfortunately, Democrats played politics with our national security, and actually blocked Republicans’ numerous attempts to fund DHS weeks ago. This gridlock is why Georgians are so frustrated with Washington, and why they sent me here to try to make a difference. Georgians want and deserve a federal government that functions responsibly and respects the rule of law. As a federal court recently confirmed, the President’s executive amnesty was unlawful and unacceptable overreach.

“We must come together to stop the President’s abuse of power, and never lose sight of the principles in the Constitution that we all took an oath to protect.”