Senator Perdue On Keystone Veto Override: It Should Never Have Come To This

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today responded to the Senate’s attempt to override President Obama’s veto of the bipartisan Keystone jobs bill. The bill passed both chambers in a bipartisan fashion, but fell short of the 67 votes needed to override a presidential veto with a 62-37 vote.

“Let’s be honest, it should have never come to this. President Obama’s failed policies have decimated the middle class. The Keystone jobs bill would have offered a jumpstart to the economy. Clearly, the President is not serious about a bipartisan approach to working with Congress and helping the middle class.

“Georgians sent me to Washington to fight for smart, practical solutions, and the bipartisan, bicameral Keystone project is one of them. It will create tens of thousands of jobs, bring us closer to energy independence, and will help lower energy costs for families and small businesses across the country.

“Even though President Obama chose special interests over helping the American people, I will continue to fight to build the Keystone Pipeline so we can unlock our full energy potential and make Washington work again.”