Senator David Perdue: Why I Voted Against Washington’s Backroom Budget Deal

This Fiscal Insanity Has To Stop Right Now

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, explains why he voted against the backroom deal Congressional leaders made with President Obama that abandons conservative budget principles, suspends the debt ceiling, and uses budget tricks to spend more taxpayer money.

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“Late Monday night this week, Congressional leaders revealed a bad backroom deal they made with President Obama that puts unsustainable spending on autopilot and lets Washington politicians delay fixing our debt crisis for two more years.

The reality is our national debt is more than $18 trillion dollars, right now. That’s more money than any of us can begin to comprehend and it’s only climbing higher every second.

This backroom deal directly violates the responsible budget principles I have been fighting for every day up here.

In typical Washington fashion, this deal allows insiders to spend more money today in exchange for empty promises of savings tomorrow.

Further, what President Obama and Congressional leaders are considering savings are actually budget gimmicks and empty promises to hardworking taxpayers.

Here are just a few:

It spends now and hopes to save later. The Social Security Disability Trust Fund will actually run out of money next year. This deal shifts money from the Social Security retirement trust fund to the Social Security disability trust fund to allow it to survive until 2022, but doesn’t do anything to save the Social Security Retirement Trust fund, which runs out of money in 2034 – just 19 short years from now.

Why would Americans trust Washington insiders and a system that has proven to be untrustworthy?

Some insiders are trying to say this is only $100 billion dollars of new spending, but that is exactly the kind of thinking that got our country $18 trillion dollars in debt and over $100 trillion dollars of future unfunded liabilities.

As you can see, Washington’s deal approves more government spending and this will occur immediately. However, all of the savings you hear insiders touting are back loaded and may never even occur because they can be reversed by the next Congress.

This fiscal insanity has to stop right now.

Congress should be working with a sense of urgency to solve our nation’s debt crisis every single day. It’s not going to solve itself, and America cannot afford to wait for a more politically convenient time for elected leaders to do their job.

Earlier this year, Republicans passed a budget that actually cut President Obama’s proposed spending by $7 trillion over the next decade and finally balances, but this deal completely abandons that effort.

Our long-term plan was traded for short-term gimmicks, trust fund raids, and even more out-of-control spending.

This deal isn’t compromise, it’s actually surrender.

I voted against Washington’s bad budget deal, because I’m not willing to surrender and give up on solving our debt crisis. It’s too important for our children and our children’s children.