Senator David Perdue: We Need A Health Care System That Works

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, today released the following statement after the U.S. Senate passed a resolution that sets up the repeal of Obamacare:

“Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. Since President Obama and his Democratic Super Majority crammed this bill through Congress without one Republican vote, we’ve seen premiums and deductibles increase and choices decrease. Many Americans, like me and my wife, had their insurance plans cancelled altogether. We were promised we could keep our doctors, and that wasn’t true. We were promised we could keep our plan, and that wasn’t true. The American people are fed-up and went to their polling booths in November to express their outrage.

“Make no mistake, this moment has been a long time coming and with President-elect Donald J. Trump in the White House and Congressman Tom Price leading our top health care agency, Americans can expect to see great improvements in our health care system. While I am concerned with the lack of direction we’ve seen in Congress, these important decisions that will directly impact Americans’ health care must not be rushed. We have to get it right. There are various common-sense Republican health care solutions that would provide greater coverage options, drive down costs, and improve continuity of care. These ideas have been studied and debated over the years, and it’s time we coalesce around a solution that will work.

“I promised Georgians I’d do everything I can to get rid of Obamacare, and we are now one step closer to getting some real relief from this disastrous law.”