Senator David Perdue: We Have An Historic Opportunity

Previews President Trump’s State of the Union on PBS NewsHour

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joins Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour to preview President Trump’s State of the Union address and the critical need for border security.

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Dealmaker: “Tonight, in the State of the Union, you'll hear President Trump offer a conciliatory tone, because he's a dealmaker. The President just wants to get border security moving in the right direction, and both parties actually want that.”

Political Hypocrisy: “This President is the fifth president in a row who has asked Congress for border funding to build a wall. President George H.W. Bush built the first miles. Even President Obama built 135 miles of barrier. Both parties agree that this is a national security issue, and we need to handle it now. The problem is the hypocrisy of politics has brought us to this point.”

Perspective: “President Trump is trying to protect the American people. He’s fighting for our national security. There are 2,000 miles of the southern border, and 650 miles already have some sort of barrier. The President is just asking for a little more than 200 miles of barrier. I think that puts it in perspective. He wants the barrier built in positions where drug trafficking, human trafficking, and illegal immigration is happening in the most severe manner right now.”

Hopeful For A Solution: “I’m hopeful that tomorrow we'll hear statements from the conference committee on border security that will give us optimism about getting past this impasse. Border security funding is an appropriations issue that should have been dealt with before September 30th of last year. We’re in the fifth month of our new fiscal year, so I’m hopeful that everybody will get this done.”

Bipartisan Opportunity: “We have an historic opportunity. If you think about Tip O’Neill and President Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton, split government is when really big things happened. Nancy Pelosi has a choice as Speaker of the House – she can work with this President who has proven he will make a deal, just as he did with the historic, bipartisan Dodd-Frank relief bill last year that really helped small banks. Is Nancy Pelosi going to legislate with this President, or is she going to investigate going into the 2020 presidential election?”


Senator Perdue is the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress and is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Agriculture Committees.