Senator David Perdue: This Is Nothing But A Show Trial

“Democrats are denying USMCA and military funding because they don’t want to give President Trump a political win.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined Scott Slade on WSB Radio in Atlanta and Tony McIntosh on WRGA Radio in Rome to discuss President Trump’s upcoming trip to Atlanta, efforts to fund the federal government, and the Democrats’ illegitimate impeachment trial.

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President Trump Visiting Georgia: “Any time you have a President of the United States come to Georgia it's a great day, but the reason he’s coming is even better. President Trump is coming down for the first official launch of the Black Voices for Trump Coalition. I'm very excited about that with all the work he's done for the community.”

Gridlock & Obstructionism: “Democrats have been trying to obstruct President Trump since the day he got elected. First, they slowed down the confirmation process. Right now, they’re denying funding for our military in a world that’s more dangerous than any time in my lifetime. They are denying our military a 3.1 percent pay raise. They are denying the military the ability to rebuild itself after a decade of disinvestment. So, this is absolute gridlock driven by the obstructionism. In the House right now, they are not putting the USMCA on the floor. This is a bill that would pass in both the House and Senate. USMCA would create roughly 180,000 new jobs, but the Democrats are not willing to put it on the floor because they don’t want to give President Trump a political win.”

Nothing But A Show Trial: “This is nothing but a show trial in the U.S. House of Representatives. The front page of the Washington Post on January 20, 2017 - the day President Trump was inaugurated - said that the campaign to impeach the president had already begun. The Democrats have been trying to do this ever since he got elected. They're trying to undo the free and open election of 2016 that elected Donald Trump to be President of the United States.”

Meet The Needs Of The Economy: “What we want to do is make sure that we have the adequate work force to sustain this economic growth. Our economy is growing like crazy. Seven million job openings and only 5.9 million people looking for work. This is the greatest economic turnaround I can find in U.S. history. We’ve created over 6 million new jobs, and the thing I'm most pleased about is that we've helped 2.5 million people rise out of poverty. President Trump’s upcoming immigration bill is intended to do a couple things, but the primary thing is to make sure we have the workforce we need going forward.”

Founding Principles: “The Democrats believe that a big central government knows more about running your life than you do. That is exactly the principle that our Founding Mothers and Fathers tried to avoid. That’s what the Founders were running away from in Europe. I never thought we would be fighting Socialism in my lifetime, but the fight is here and we’re going to win it. Georgians know better than to go down the road of this socialist regime that is being perpetrated right now.”