Senator David Perdue: This Is About National Security

“President Trump knows what needs to be done to secure our borders.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joins David Westin on Bloomberg TV to discuss President Trump’s address to the nation and the critical need for border security funding. 

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Senator Perdue on Bloomberg


Secure Our Borders: “The American people expect us to get this done. What you saw last night is the people’s President talking directly to them about what needs to be done to secure our borders.”

Act Like Adults: “We have a national security crisis on the southern border. Even President Obama called it out. It’s time for people in Washington to act like adults and get this done.”

National Security Crisis: “This is about national security, it is not just an immigration issue on the southern border. About 750,000 people a year are crossing the southern border illegally. To put that in perspective, we bring in about 1.1 million people legally each year. In the last two years alone, around 235,000 criminals have tried to cross the border illegally.” 

Democrats Supported Border Security: “Last year, Democrats in the U.S. Senate actually voted for $25 billion for border security. Since then, President Trump has agreed to $5.7 billion. Before Christmas, the President even agreed with Democrats that $1.6 billion would be an acceptable number to get started.”  

Real World Negotiation: “What we heard from the Democrat response was their idea of compromise is, ‘give us what we want first and then we will negotiate to give you what you are asking for.’ That’s not how negotiations work in the real world, and the Democrats know that.”

Broken Funding Process: “First of all, Congress should have handled the border security situation last year. We are already in the fourth month of the fiscal year we are still trying to fund. Second, the Senate worked through August last year and completed 75% of the federal government’s discretionary funding for the first time in 22 years. This smacks of the dysfunction in Washington’s funding process.”