Senator David Perdue Talks Tax On CNBC And Bloomberg

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) reacts to President Donald J. Trump’s first joint address to Congress on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Bloomberg TV’s Daybreak.

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CNBC Highlights:

Renewed Spirit Of Optimism: “We saw President Trump hitting his stride last night, laying out an optimistic vision for our country, telling Democrats and Republicans we’ve got to come together to solve these big issues that we all know exist…We've got early signs of increasing or improving consumer confidence. We also see CEO confidence improving right now. They're even talking about investing for the first time in a decade.”

Making America Competitive Again: “Why would we want, on the burgeoning side of a new recovery, to put a tax theory to test in our economy. I think we need to let these tax changes go into place, the corporate tax rate will make us much more competitive, eliminate this repatriation tax, most every other country in the world has already done that, and simplify the individual tax code.”  

Improving American Trade: “What we have right now is an opportunity to level the playing field on the trade side. We can only go so far with tax changes. The border adjustment tax doesn't really create a level playing field. Reducing our corporate tax rate and eliminating the repatriation tax does that. The other thing I think we've got to do is give open access to other markets. The President talked about it last night.”

Bloomberg Highlights:

Congress Needs To Catch Up: “What I see right now is a White House moving at a business-pace, not at a government-pace, and I think you’re going to see that continue. What we need to do is get Congress to catch up. President Trump can't even have a cabinet meeting yet. We are going at the slowest pace of confirmations since George Washington was in office, so if we can speed that up, we can get executed a few more of the programs that he’s talked about.”

Tackling Our Debt Crisis: “We've got to get the economy growing again to deal with the debt long-term. To do that, we’ve got to deal with our archaic tax structure, overburdening regulation environment and unleash our energy potential. Those are things the President has laid out as priorities, and I fully subscribe to that formula for growing our economy.”