Senator David Perdue Statement On Aviation Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) released the following statement after the Senate reauthorized Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs through Fiscal Year 2017:

“Over the years, we have seen great advances in aviation and we must consistently examine government guidelines to ensure they allow for competition and encourage innovation. As a business guy, I think these policy changes should have been extended for a more substantial amount of time to provide the industry with more certainty. Ultimately though, responsible and timely action is needed. These updated policies will facilitate aviation in the United States and encourage continued focus on protecting all travelers. While this bill does not provide state and local governments the ability to set drone guidelines for their airspace, I will continue to work to meet the needs of our communities in future legislation.”

Senator Perdue previously introduced two amendments to improve the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill: Amendment No. 3704 that would have ensured states and local governments are able to draft their own drone laws specific to their states and communities, and Amendment No. 3784 that would have extended the length of the bill for one additional year through FY 2018. Neither amendment was adopted into the final bill.