Senator David Perdue Praises Georgia’s Action To Lower Health Premiums, Increase Choice

“The Trump Administration’s guidance has provided states with greater flexibility to develop healthcare plans that work for them”

ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) praised the Trump Administration’s review of Governor Brian Kemp’s healthcare waivers, known as Georgia Pathways and Georgia Access, which will bring down health insurance premiums and increase choice for consumers:

“This announcement today from Governor Kemp and CMS Administrator Verma is welcomed news for the millions of Georgians who have been struggling to afford their healthcare coverage since the passage of the so-called Affordable Care Act. The Trump Administration’s guidance has provided states with greater flexibility to develop healthcare plans that work for them, instead of handicapping healthcare systems with burdensome federal mandates. The Georgia Pathways and Access Waivers’ innovative approach to healthcare coverage will restore choice, improve competition, and lower costs for all Georgians.”