Senator David Perdue On President Trump’s Clean Power Plan Roll Back

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) applauds President Trump for dismantling Obama-era regulations on coal-fired power plants:

“Under his watch, President Obama tried to kill the coal industry and, in doing so, disrupted several key industries integral to our economic growth. This is not the case anymore. President Trump has said job one is getting our economy going and he has made it a priority to champion American workers. From approving the Keystone Pipeline to eliminating this regressive energy tax, it’s great to see a President prioritizing our energy independence instead of a political agenda.”

Senator Perdue originally denounced the energy tax when it was announced in August 2015 and highlighted the impact it would have on coal-fired power plants. Senator Perdue co-sponsored two resolutions of disapproval in October 2015 that would stop the EPA from implementing these harmful regulations. The Senate passed both resolutions but President Obama vetoed these efforts.