Senator David Perdue On Meet The Press: Senate Will Have A Fair Trial

“This week will be the first time America hears President Trump’s defense.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press to discuss impeachment and the upcoming fair trial in the U.S. Senate.

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Fair Senate Trial: “The Senate needs to have a fair trial. We're purposed to do that, but where was that outcry during 116 days of investigation in the U.S. House of Representatives?”

Illegitimate Process:  “What happened in the U.S. House was not a fair process. It was illegitimate. They denied the President due process. We’re now going to try to have a fair trial in the U.S. Senate. Can you imagine the outcry if the Senate did not allow the House managers to present their side of the case? Well that’s exactly what happened in the House.”

Clinton Model: “My personal preference would be to see this dismissed out of hand, because I think it was an illegitimate process in the U.S. House. They did not give this President due process. However, Mitch McConnell has all 53 Republican senators backing him on this, to do this like they did during the Clinton impeachment trial.”

Weak Articles: “Jonathan Turley, who testified in the U.S. House and is a constitutional law professor at George Washington University, said that neither of these articles rise to the level of impeachment. Even besides that, the Democrats have not proven either article in the House’s case.”

Campaign To Impeach: “The headline of the Washington Post on the day President Trump was inaugurated said that the campaign to impeach President Trump had already begun. This is impeachment looking for reasons. I believe the Democrats want to undo the 2016 election and impact the 2020 election.”

President’s Case: “Remember, this week is going to be the first time America gets to hear President Trump’s defense. He hasn’t had an opportunity to do that yet. It’s clear the President did not have due process in the House. Now, for the first time, we’ll have due process in the Senate.”

Real Results: “It’s ironic to me that with all the success we had last week – the China trade deal and USMCA passing in the Senate – this overshadows all of that in the media.”


 When Senator Perdue was elected, he was the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress. He is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Foreign Relations Committees.