Senator David Perdue On Fully Funding The Federal Government

“My main goal has always been to fully fund the federal government on time without continuing resolutions.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) comments on Congress finally fully funding the federal government for Fiscal Year 2020 and avoiding the use of another continuing resolution (CR):

“My main goal has always been to fully fund the federal government on time without continuing resolutions. It’s ridiculous that we are already at the end of the first quarter of this current fiscal year. These two spending bills, however, ultimately accomplish President Trump’s priorities and support the needs of Georgians. These packages fund the border wall, keep the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project on track, and support Georgia’s military and agriculture communities. Most importantly, we can ensure our women and men in uniform get the resources they need to protect the country, rather than hamstringing them with another CR or shutdown. Senators Shelby and Leahy, along with President Trump, deserve credit for salvaging the funding process this year and working tirelessly to find bipartisan consensus.

“Once again, the broken funding process has failed and prevented Congress from fully funding the government on time. This should not surprise anyone. Since I came to the U.S. Senate, I have called for and introduced proposals to change the way we fund the federal government and hold Members of Congress accountable for not getting the job done. We’ll never fully fix this broken funding process or the national debt crisis if Congress refuses to hold itself accountable for failure.”

Highlights of Results:

Fully Funds Savannah Harbor Expansion Project:

  • Fully funds Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) at $130.28 million to stay on track for completion in 2022.

Strengthens Georgia’s Military Community:

  • ABMS: Secures $43.611 million for the new Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) at Robins Air Force Base. 
  • JSTARS: Continues modernization of JSTARS fleet to ensure there is no capability gap before AMBS goes online.
  • Columbia Class: Continues development of new Columbia Class submarine at Kings Bay Submarine Base.

Backs Border Wall:

  • Provides $1.375 billion for continued construction of a wall along U.S.-Mexico border, with no decrease in funding from previous fiscal year.
  • Removes limitations on the President’s ability to transfer additional funds to border wall construction.

Improves Care For Veterans:

  • Includes resources to implement VA Mission Act, empowering veterans to make their own choices about medical care.

Assists Agriculture Communities:

  • Following Hurricane Michael in 2018, directs Secretary of Agriculture to allocate additional funds to the nationwide disaster block grant program to help Georgia farmers.

Supports HBCUs Efforts:

  • Increases funding for HBCUs and Minority-Serving Institutions.
  • Senator Perdue led HBCU appropriations letter and cosponsored the HBCU Capital Financing Act and FUTURE Act, included in this package.
  • Senator Perdue previously secured support in 2018 Farm Bill for agriculture scholarships at HBCUs across the country.

Strengthens School Safety:

  • Continues Department of Homeland Security’s STOP School Violence grants to research and develop evidence-based strategies to prevent school violence.
  • Similarly, Senator Perdue’s School Safety Clearinghouse Act promotes evidence-based practices for school safety.

Expands CDC In Georgia:

  • Gives Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the authority to build a new facility at their campus in Chamblee, Georgia.
  • Senator Perdue sent appropriations letter supporting the construction of Building 108 at the CDC’s Chamblee campus, and highlighting that the CDC currently leases office space across the city, which causes communication delays and threatens public health security.  

Fights Human Trafficking:

  • Requires U.S. Attorneys across the country to establish and participate in task forces with local law enforcement to combat human trafficking.

Increases TSA Staffing:

  • Provides 1090 additional employees at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to staff airport checkpoints and mitigate wait times, including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.


 When Senator Perdue was elected, he was the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress. He is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Agriculture Committees.