Senator David Perdue: I Will Vote Against Obama’s Iran Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today highlighted that he will vote against President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal this week in the Senate.

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Senator David Perdue: I Will Vote Against Obama’s Iran Deal


“As I’ve traveled across Georgia, I have heard your concerns about President Obama’s dangerous Iran deal. I share those concerns and I will vote against it this week in the United States Senate.

From the beginning, I have always believed that any international agreement of this magnitude should of course be a treaty.

This belief was reinforced when I personally met with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel. He shares our concerns. The most dangerous threat to mankind’s future is a nuclear Iran.

Still, President Obama and Secretary Kerry made it clear they didn’t want to subject their nuclear agreement to such scrutiny and seriousness.

Congress has a Constitutional role to advice and consent on treaties, yet this opportunity was not even afforded by President Obama, who purposely sought to go around Congress, and instead make his deal with Iran a non-binding political agreement.

That’s why I supported the bipartisan Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which overwhelmingly passed both the Senate and the House of Representatives to guarantee Congress and the American people had a say in this Iran deal.

This was the only tool to ensure that Congress even got a vote. Without this legislation, President Obama could have waived sanctions on Iran the same day he brokered his bad deal.

There would have been no review period for Congress and no way to reimpose sanctions potentially should Iran cheat.

Every single Senate Republican has come out against this agreement. Democrats who support this dangerous deal have put partisan politics and special interests ahead of national security.

Sadly, President Obama and Secretary Kerry will stop at nothing to force this agreement through against the will of Georgians and the majority of the American people.

This fight is not over, and as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I completely reject this dangerous deal, and I will definitely vote to stop it.”