Senator David Perdue Highlights President Trump’s First 50 Days

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today joined the “Halftime Report” hosted by The Washington Post to discuss President Trump’s policy priorities during his first 50 days in office.


Setting Priorities: “Job one is growing the economy. Obamacare is a campaign promise and one of the first priorities in the agenda, but you’ve also got to pull back on regulations…The Senate is using Congressional Review Acts, along with the House, to undo some of the rules that were put in place late last year. The tax issue will be another big one, and then don’t forget, the Supreme Court nominee that’s going through hearings today.”

Solving Health Care: “Normally in business, you look at your alternatives. People bring in two different viewpoints about alternatives. There’s a third option, and that is to do nothing. In my view, doing nothing about health care is catastrophic…We only have one carrier in 96 of 159 counties in Georgia, and right now they’re losing money big time. If you do nothing, it will collapse.”

Outsider Approach: “President Trump is a business guy. He’s results oriented. He is engaging, and he listens…We are at a point in time in our history where we need somebody in the White House that can break some eggs, and actually help Congress move in a bipartisan way to get some things done.”

Working With Congress: “Both the President and Vice President are having dinner almost every night with Members of Congress one-on-one and in small groups, trying to listen to concerns, not just about health care but about tax.”

Probation Period, Not Mandate: “What’s at risk here is that this is a two-year probation period, not a mandate, and some members of Congress, quite frankly, haven’t got that message yet. I’m not worried about President Trump adjusting to Washington, I’m worried about Washington adjusting to him.”

Shift In Political Axis: “In the past, politics were measured on the axis of liberal versus conservative. That flipped in this presidential election and in my race in 2014. Now, there’s a political, empowered class—the people in the bubble— and everybody else. People in America are very dissatisfied with a lack of results in Washington.”