Senator David Perdue: Getting Washington Out Of Our Classrooms

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today highlighted the importance of a quality education in order for our students to succeed and the conservative solutions he is championing in the U.S. Senate to empower parents, teachers, and local school leaders when it comes to education decisions.

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“A quality education is critical to our kids’ success. I’ve seen that firsthand my entire life. My Mom and Dad were school teachers. I married one, too.

One of my first jobs was with the Head Start Program helping kids learn to read. That experience never leaves you. It only reinforces how important it is that our children not fall behind. Once they do, we know that students are less likely to graduate high school or even find a job.

I’ve also seen the frustration our teachers face with Washington’s one-size-fits-all mandates. I can assure you that our parents and teachers know much more about our children’s education needs than bureaucrats in Washington. 

Georgians sent me to Washington to fight for local control of education choices. Today, we have an opportunity to do just that in Congress. I am encouraged that the Senate is actually working to put in place conservative solutions I’ve been talking about for some time. 

First, get money out of the hands of federal bureaucrats and back to the classrooms with no strings attached. We need to direct decision making back to the local level so our schools are best equipped to help each child succeed. 

Second, stop the federal mandate for Common Core. The federal government should not force states to adopt specific academic standards or reward one over another for doing so. States and school districts should determine the best curriculum for their students.

Third, we need to end federal requirements for high stakes testing. Instead of teaching to the test, we should empower our teachers to meet the needs of each individual student.

Finally, we cannot allow President Obama and the Department of Education to continue to go unchecked. For too long, out of touch federal bureaucrats have run our education system, and look at the results. We need to act right now in order to rein in this overreach and shrink Washington’s role in education. 

These are the principles I am fighting for as we debate an important education bill right now on the floor of the United States Senate. As a parent, and now a grandparent, my goal is to empower parents and teachers to do what’s best for our children, and finally get Washington out of our classrooms and out of our way.”