Senator David Perdue: GAO Report Highlights Areas of Opportunity for Government Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today expressed concern about the findings of the Government Accountability Office’s 2015 High Risk Report. The report highlights 32 areas within the federal government that are vulnerable to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. 

“Our federal government has completely fallen out of touch with what the Founders intended. Washington is addicted to runaway spending, inefficiency, and intrusiveness. It’s time for a real gut check as far as these outrageous spending habits are concerned.

“According to the GAO report, the three largest disability benefit programs - which cost about a quarter trillion dollars every year - ‘rely on outdated criteria to determine whether individuals should qualify for benefits.’ This is absurd. It is critical that we work to reform these programs in order to protect hardworking taxpayers, our national balance sheet, and the people who need access to these programs the most.

“The GAO report also underscores the need for the Veterans Affairs Department to finally address its failure to provide timely health care to our nation’s heroes. I am confident that Senator Johnny Isakson, Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, has already begun to address these concerns directly.

“As an outsider, what Washington sees as areas of high risk, can also be considered areas of opportunity for cost reduction and increased effectiveness. Without proper planning and appropriate oversight these spending problems will persist. The GAO report identifies several areas where we can take action immediately, but we must actively review all areas of government for much-needed reforms.=

“Georgians are frustrated with Washington’s lack of accountability, and I will work every day to grow our economy, get our fiscal house in order, and make our government more transparent to the American taxpayer.”

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