Senator David Perdue Encourages Georgians To Stay Vigilant

“If we follow the safety protocols we can continue to open this economy.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined Bill Hemmer Reports on Fox News to discuss COVID-19 and encourage Americans to wear masks in public spaces.

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COVID-19 In Georgia: “We’ve seen an uptick in some areas, but remember, the new cases are trending much younger. It’s summer, a lot of young people are being active, some are not wearing their masks as they should, as we are here in the Senate. I applaud what the Governor has done. He followed the President’s three-phase plan. We opened our economy, one of the first states to do so. What we are seeing is if we follow the safety protocols we can continue to open this economy. While cases are going up in Georgia, the good news is deaths are continuing to decline.”

Wearing Masks: “I absolutely support wearing masks. We wear them here in the Senate. We’ve been back here for five weeks. We follow the protocols that the military and our essential workers have been following. We wash our hands, we use masks, and if we follow that, I believe the infection rate can be managed. We’ve got two great control groups to learn from, our essential workers and the military, and other countries, like South Korea, Norway, and Sweden, who have been doing this longer than we have.”

More Latitude: “We still have a lot of small communities in my state that need help. We can take some of the $150 billion that’s already been allocated to the states and give our governors a little more latitude on how to use that. I believe we need to see that happen first before we have another big allocation.”

Phase Four: “Republicans have laid the red line out there that we really want liability protection, and Democrats have been talking about some kind of bailout for the states. What’s in the HEROES Act is untenable. Democrats want nearly $1 trillion to bail out irresponsible states. That’s not a starting point.”