Senator David Perdue Discusses U.S. Foreign Policy On Fox News

ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) spoke with Martha MacCallum on Fox News Channel’s The First 100 Days about the Trump Administration's recent actions with NATO, Russia, and the United Nations.

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Secretary Tillerson’s Russia Meeting: “I think what you see in the bigger picture is the President of the United States standing up and leading again, and that's what we needed for a long time… We are establishing what our national interests are and we’re being very explicit about that with NATO, the United Nations, with China, and now with Russia.”

Establishing America’s Interests: “It's all part of a longer-term strategy to re-engage on the international global scene to support and defend America's interests around the world…That's the action of a mature, seasoned leader. President Trump has only been in here, as you said, 83 days today. I am excited at the fact that we are re-engaging in the world, and that's what I hear from foreign leaders all over the world that they want America to lead again.”

Next Steps For Syria: “There are two things that need to happen in Syria. One is we have to stop ISIS, and that's job one. President Trump said that again just today. Second, Bashar al-Assad has got to go. Once those two things happen, then we have to re-establish the government in Syria and also rebuild Syria. There's nothing to go home to now. All the refugees around the world who have left that part of the world have nothing to go home to. This is another conversation we’re beginning to have.”