Senator David Perdue Cosponsors Resolution for Congressional Term Limits

Fulfils Top Campaign Promise to People of Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today took action on one of his top priorities and co-sponsored a Constitutional Amendment imposing term limits on U.S. Representatives and Senators:

“Instituting term limits for members of Congress is one of my biggest priorities in the Senate, and long over-due. Washington is broken, and I believe that term limits will help ensure that federal lawmakers will focus on the people they represent instead of their re-election campaigns. As one of my first official acts as Georgia’s junior Senator, I’m proud to stand with my Senate colleagues for this proposal, and invite all Senators who believe we need to fix Washington to support it.”

On January 6, 2015, Senator Perdue joined Senator David Vitter as one of the original co-sponsors of a Constitutional Amendment resolution that will set term limits for members of Congress: two terms in the Senate and three terms in the House of Representatives.

If a person is elected to fill an unexpired term and holds the seat for more than one year in the House, then that term counts towards the three term maximum. If a person is appointed to fill an unexpired term and serves for at least three years, then that time served counts as one term in the Senate. Finally, if the Amendment is ratified by the states then no term beginning prior to that ratification would count toward the three terms allowed in the House or the two terms allowed in the Senate.

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