Senator David Perdue Congratulates New Secretary Of Agriculture, Governor Sonny Perdue

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, congratulates his first cousin, Governor Sonny Perdue, upon the Senate confirmation of his nomination to be the next Secretary of Agriculture. Senator Perdue presided over the vote and voted present.

Sonny Confirmation


“I rise tonight to speak briefly about our new Secretary of Agriculture, my first cousin, Sonny Perdue. I grew up with this man. I probably know too much about him but we won’t go there tonight.

He grew up on a farm, he became a doctor of veterinary medicine, and served in the Air Force. He had an ag business for the past 40 years. He and I have been in business together. 

I've seen his integrity and his responsibility all my life. He became the first Republican Governor in over 135 years in our state of Georgia, just 15 years ago. He served two terms. He created The Commission for a New Georgia, and started an economic development focus in our state that has carried on for the last 15 years. It has yielded the fact that our state today, by independent reports, is the best state in the country in which to do business. 

Tonight, he has been confirmed as our next Secretary of Agriculture and I could not be more proud for him, for our family, but most importantly, for our country. I want to be the first in this august body to call my cousin, Sonny Perdue, by his new title, Mr. Secretary.

I believe he is an outstanding candidate. I want to commend the President of the United States for his nomination. I think this is further evidence that this President, Donald J. Trump, is building an outstanding Cabinet with which to change the direction of our country, to get this economy going, to put America back to work again, to re-engage internationally, and to develop a fair and level playing field with the rest of the world economically.

As Secretary of Agriculture, my cousin has a big job. He’s got a big responsibility. I look forward to working with him as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to make our agriculture, farming, and ranching industries vigorous and strong now, and for future generations.”


Senator Perdue is the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress and is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Agriculture Committees.