Senator David Perdue Champions Conservative Amendments During Education Reform Debate

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Senator David Perdue (R-GA) is a vocal critic of Washington’s one-size-fits-all education mandates and continues to champion conservative education solutions in Congress. As the Every Child Achieves Act, S.R.1177, is debated in the U.S. Senate, Senator Perdue has co-sponsored and supported numerous amendments that further reduce Washington’s role in our education system and strengthen state and local control by empowering parents, teachers, and local school leaders.   

Specifically, Senator Perdue supported several amendments which would:

     •    End All Federal Testing Requirements: End all mandated federal testing outright, putting testing decisions and discretion back in the hands of states. (Senator Cruz, Senator Perdue Co-sponsored)

     •    Stop Federal Mandate For Common Core: Stop the Education Secretary from mandating Common Core and intervening in any academic standards or curriculum development in states and local school districts. (Senator Crapo, Senator Perdue Co-sponsored)

     •    Remove Washington's Grip on Grant Money (A-PLUS Amendment): Consolidates all federal education dollars into one fund so states and local school districts can spend their grant money in new and innovative ways. (Senator Daines)

     •    Protect Student Privacy: Establish a committee on student privacy to keep our kids safe and their personal information private. (Senator Hatch)

     •    Allow Parent Opt-Outs For All Federal Testing: Grant all parents access to student testing information and make available the ability to opt their students out of all federal testing. (Senator Lee)

     •    Give Parents Choice For Testing: Require schools to notify parents about any assessments and testing and their rights to opt their children out of mandated testing. (Senator Isakson)

     •    Strengthen Local Control Of Budget Decisions: Prevent the Education Secretary from interfering in local school administration or budgeting decisions in states and school districts. (Senator Fischer)

     •    Help Students Save: Allows students to simultaneously receive college-credit from courses taught by college approved teachers in secondary       education, allowing students to save money on expensive college credits and get a head start on earning a degree. (Senator Gardner) 

A vote on final passage of the Every Child Achieves Act is expected later this week.