Senator David Perdue Calls Attention To Obamacare’s Systemic Failure

“Georgians are being robbed of health care choices.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today spoke on the Senate floor to highlight the failure of President Obama’s flawed health care law.

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“We just spent several weeks back home in the state working, and I personally spent the last three weeks touring our state from Hahira to Hiawassee.

I can tell you this, I get one question out of every group to which I speak and that is, ‘What can be done about Obamacare?’

Georgians tell me, ‘My premiums are going up. My insurance was cancelled. Obama said that I can keep my doctor if I wanted to. He said I can keep my insurance company if I wanted to. Yet, I’ve lost my doctor and I’m losing my insurance.’

I really believe this is a very, very critical issue that we need to talk about.

Americans have never settled for failure, except for right now. People are saying that we need to accept Obamacare—that it’s the law. Yet, I am telling you, it’s collapsing under its own weight.

In four decades of business, I don’t think I’ve seen anything as perverse as Obamacare and the effect it’s having not only in our business community, but also on the people back home.

We’re still talking about Obamacare today because it’s a complete disaster. It has failed the very people this President and the Democrats in this body claim to champion: the working women and men of America.

It did nothing to go after the overall costs of health care. The spiraling nature of health care costs, which continue to explode, will be the number one driver of debt in the next ten years unless we do something.

Additionally, Obamacare did nothing at all to deal with the number of doctors in this country. It inserted government between patients and their doctors, and created a shortage of doctors. Right now, we are averaging around 10,000 fewer doctors per year under Obamacare. In fact, projections show the doctor shortage, in just the next ten years, could top 90,000 doctors. That’s staggering.

Obamacare raises taxes, increases premiums, and chokes out choices. Not only that, but deductibles are up dramatically.

My home state of Georgia is feeling the weight of this failure.

UnitedHealthcare and Cigna are leaving the Obamacare exchange at the end of the year. Last month, Aetna announced it was joining them.

At the start of this year, all 159 counties in the state of Georgia had at least two providers to choose from.

Now, just after nine months, 96 of those 159 counties have one option.

Georgians are being robbed of health care choices. They are also facing even higher premium and deductible costs.

Premiums have risen in Georgia by an average of 33%.

Every provider left in Georgia is raising premiums by double-digits next year: Blue Cross Blue Shield by 21.4%, Alliant by 21%, Ambetter by 13.7%, Kaiser Permanente by 17.6%, Harken Health by 51%, Humana by 67.5%.

In 2009, President Obama railed against fewer choices. While selling Obamacare, he said, quote, ‘In 34 states, 75% of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies… and without competition, the price of insurance goes up and quality goes down.’ Unquote.

It sounds like he knew what was coming. Except, he was complaining at the time, but today competition has gotten worse.

That is exactly what’s happened in Georgia because of Obamacare, and these problems are not limited to Georgia.

Aetna is leaving 10 other states as we speak.

Today, 31% of all counties nationwide, comprising almost 2.3 million Americans enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges, are more likely than not to have just one choice in provider.

That’s what President Obama was complaining about in 2009.  

Insurance companies across the country are facing hundreds of millions in losses. It means fewer choices and higher costs for patients.

The GAO recently reported that pre-Obamacare plans available in most states were more affordable and had lower deductibles than the options now available in the Obamacare exchanges.

Nationally, premiums have risen by an average of 26%. Deductibles have risen for individuals at an average of more than 60% since Obamacare became law.

There’s no way around it. Obamacare is a Washington takeover of our health care system that isn’t working for average Americans.

When they were talking about this back in the day, my comment all along was, how do you feel about Obamacare? If you like the way the VA is being run, you’re going to love Obamacare. Those words are coming true today.

Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. It’s failing the very people that the other side is claiming to champion: the working poor and the working middle class of our country who are bearing the burden of this consequence.

Monopolies are festering and prices have skyrocketed.

As I said, Obamacare is yet another example of liberal policies failing the very people they claim to champion.

The diagnosis is in. None of these problems are going away. In fact, they’re getting worse.

Obamacare cannot be allowed to stand. This is not a question of tweaking it around the edges, it’s profoundly built incorrectly.

We have to repeal the individual and employer mandate, and pass an alternative that goes after the real drivers of spiraling health care costs.

We should offer transportability, insurability, and accessibility—all the things missing prior to Obamacare but have been proposed as fixes on the Republican side. Accessibility is one of the main things to those who want to purchase coverage without mandating it. This will ensure no one is priced out of the market, including those with pre-existing conditions.

We should offer more access to Health Savings Accounts to help drive down costs and allow for the purchase of insurance across state lines to increase competition.

Finally, we must address frivolous lawsuits that have forced doctors to practice defensive medicine out of fear of being sued.

All of these steps are within our grasp, so don’t believe those who say there isn’t an Obamacare alternative out there.

My friend and Georgia colleague, Representative Tom Price, has championed H.R. 2300, the Empowering Patients First Act, for years. It contains all of the solutions I just outlined and I’m proud to sponsor its companion bill with Senator John McCain in the Senate.

Our health care system is too important for too many Georgians, and too many Americans, to settle for failure.

I wasn’t sent to the United States Senate to settle for the status quo, and I want to say one thing in closing: In the last eight years, we’ve been told over and over again that the status quo is the new normal. The American people are telling me, and telling you, that they are not accepting Obamacare as the new normal.”