Senator David Perdue At Faith & Freedom: The Price Of Socialism Is Freedom

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) spoke about capitalism versus socialism at Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2019 Road to Majority Conference.

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Opportunity After Opportunity: “Democrats have had opportunity after opportunity to prove that the socialist way of life will work, and they have failed at every single turn.”

Focused On Results: “I’ve got good news for you today: Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America. He has a vision. He didn’t come from the bubble in Washington. He’s an outsider like I am. This guy is focused on getting results.”

What We Believe In Works: “President Trump is proving that what we believe in actually works. He’s returning to the principles that made America great in the first place – economic opportunity for everybody, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty. But let me tell you this: he gets beat up every day. Look at the national news. You see it. I see it. The Democrats are on a mission. This is obstructionism on a historic level.”

Way of Life In Jeopardy: “Our way of life is in jeopardy. I never thought in my lifetime that I’d be standing here having to defend capitalism against socialism. I didn’t ask for this fight, but like you, I’m up for it.”

Radical Proposals: “Radical Democrats are telling the world: they believe socialism is better than capitalism. They’re not going to say the word ‘socialism,’ but everything they’re talking about is indeed that. They believe in a single-party system. They believe in open borders. They want to effectively legalize infanticide. They want to abolish ICE. They want illegal immigrants and felons to have the right to vote. They want to give an annual wage to anyone who is either unable or unwilling to work. They want to increase taxes. They want socialized medicine, which has failed everywhere in the world, including Bernie Sanders’ own home state. They want the Green New Deal and the Modern Monetary Theory. These are not minor changes. These are radical proposals that would bring socialism to the United States.”

Price Of Socialism Is Freedom: “You and I cannot let the radical left take our country down the road to socialism. The only thing standing in their way right now is you and me. Remember this: the price of socialism is freedom. You have to make sure that we tell our kids and our kids’ kids and everybody we know that the price of socialism is freedom.”