Senator David Perdue Applauds Nomination Of Judge Neil Gorsuch

“Judge Gorsuch will honor the formidable, impressive legacy of defending the Constitution left by Justice Scalia.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) yesterday applauded President Donald J. Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court and urged his colleagues across the aisle to put the integrity of the U.S. Constitution before their political ambitions. Click here to view the speech



“President Donald J. Trump promised the American people he would nominate an unwavering supporter of the United States Constitution to the Supreme Court. He has now kept that promise. 

I personally applaud the president for nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the United States Supreme Court. He is an outstanding choice. Throughout his career, Judge Gorsuch has been a stalwart standing strong in support of the United States Constitution. 

He has repeatedly shown his commitment to our country’s Founding Principles of economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty. These principles have served to make our nation exceptional throughout our history. Each branch of government has the shared charge of preserving and protecting those rights for all Americans. 

Judge Gorsuch has led a remarkable career in both the public and private sectors, and has demonstrated a keen understanding and appreciation of the law. He has an outstanding academic record. He’s an outsider to the political nonsense here in this town. He has an impeccable judicial record and he is actually called a judge’s judge in the “Scalia mold.” He’s a mainstream judge. Actually, when he was confirmed in his current position, he was confirmed by 11 Democrats who are still in the this body today. Clearly, Judge Gorsuch will honor the formidable, impressive legacy of defending the Constitution left by Justice Scalia. 

Throughout last year, I and other members of the Senate held our ground in saying no nominee to the Supreme Court should be confirmed until after the presidential election. We believed the American people deserved a voice in the process. We also knew that the hyper-partisanship and politics of a presidential election cycle should never have any place in the nomination and confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, which we all know is a lifetime appointment. 

The integrity of the Advice and Consent process, clearly spelled out in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution was at stake. In protecting the integrity of this sacred Constitutional process, we did our job. Our position was exactly the same, ironically, held by former Vice President Biden, former Minority Leader Reid, and others in earlier times and in earlier arguments. Now, that President Trump has announced his nomination, it’s time to continue doing our job. 

I hope that the Minority Leader and members of the minority party will walk away from the hypocrisy that they’re already demonstrating this year. 

Last June, the Minority Leader tweeted, ‘In order for justice to remain a pillar of this nation we must have a functioning judicial branch. The Supreme Court of the United States must have nine justices.’ Later that same month, the Minority Leader also said on the floor of the United States Senate, ‘Every day that goes by without a ninth justice is another day the American people’s business is not getting done.’ So why would the Minority Leader and some of the Democrats in this body now say that they will filibuster any nominee to the Supreme Court, before even knowing who would be nominated? 

The Minority Leader railed on the Senate floor, yet last month he went on CNN last month and said, ‘We absolutely would keep the seat open… we will fight it tooth-and-nail, as long as we have to.’ Again, before a nominee was even announced. The political theater of 2016 had no place in the confirmation process last year. Now is the time to govern, not to engage in the far off political theater of 2018 and 2020. 

As we move forward in this process, I hope the Minority Leader and my colleagues across the aisle will remember that. I hope they will put the integrity of the Constitution before the scope of their political ambitions and their bitterness about last year’s election outcome. 

I would remind my colleagues across the aisle that Republicans put aside political theater to confirm two justices to the Supreme Court under both President Obama and President Clinton. Now, President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch, a principled judge who will put the Constitution of the United States, and the rights of all Americans, at the forefront of any decision he makes. 

Judge Gorsuch’s record of service, and his commitment to the Constitution, is quite clear. I’m looking forward to voting to confirm his nomination and to ensuring we have a fully functioning high court. I strongly urge my colleagues across the aisle to put aside their personal, partisan self-interests and do what is right for our country. Our children and our children’s children deserve nothing less.”