Senator David Perdue: 2016 A Year In Photos

ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today shared a behind the scenes look at his second year as an outsider in the United States Senate. View and download the full gallery of photos here.


January 13, 2016: Snapping a selfie with high school students from Georgia in the Russell Rotunda.


February 18, 2016: Speaking about issues most important to Georgians in a meeting with the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.


March 23, 2016: Touring Fort Benning.


April 7, 2016: Listening to testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee.


April 22, 2016: Presenting the Purple Heart to the family of Lieutenant General  Franklyn Snyder in Atlanta.


May 17, 2016: My wife, Bonnie, and I serving her famous Pecan Cobbler in support of the March of Dimes.


June 23, 2016: Hosting a special Senate luncheon prepared by Holly Chute, Senior Executive Chef with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Georgia Grown program.


August 30, 2016: Making a stop at Pearly’s in Albany for some great home cooking.


September 20, 2016: Introducing my friend and colleague South Carolina Senator Tim Scott at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce lunch in Washington.


September 24, 2016: Meeting my childhood baseball hero, Hank Aaron, at the historic opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.


November 7, 2016: Working hard in Congress to change the budget process and how we fund the federal government.


December 1, 2016: Speaking with Chief of the Air Force Reserve Headquarters and Commander of the Air Force Reserve Command at Robins Air Force Base, Lieutenant General Maryanne Miller.