Perdue, Loeffler Deliver Historic Relief For American Workers, Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

Phase 3 Package Will Help Save Jobs, Stabilize Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) today voted for the bipartisan Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which will help stabilize the American economy and directly support small businesses, companies, and workers in Georgia and across the country. The bill is “Phase Three” in Congress's COVID-19 response, following passage of two previous packages that directly supported the public health community and American families, respectively. 

“The United States is currently facing what could be the most serious public health emergency and economic crisis in our nation’s history. It’s going to require extraordinary measures by all Americans to mitigate the long-term impact,” said Senator Perdue. “While this Phase Three COVID-19 response package is not perfect, it provides historic liquidity to protect American workers and employers. Businesses large and small are struggling to keep people on the payroll and cover their overhead. The purpose of this additional package is to maintain the relationship between employers and employees and inject enough capital into our communities, so there is a leverage effect to help everyone. We cannot let a liquidity crisis turn into an insolvency crisis. As a former business leader, I know it’s critical that we focus our continued efforts primarily on the number one asset that any business has: its employees. Focusing on keeping our employees healthy and employed, as this bill does, will allow us to accelerate economic activity as we rebound from this crisis. This is an unprecedented time for all of us, but I have no doubt this country will rise to the challenge and emerge stronger than before.”

“It is time to get much needed support to our frontlines in this battle against COVID-19,” said Senator Loeffler. “This bill is far from perfect. But I've heard firsthand from hardworking Georgians that this is the relief they need and they needed it days ago. I’m extremely disappointed that the amendment to fix the unemployment insurance provisions failed and it’s disheartening that Democrats held this emergency stimulus package hostage to their big government vision. After days of their delays, we are now taking action to protect our health care professionals, strengthen our hospitals and treatments, and support hardworking families and small businesses who are the heartbeat of America. As President Trump said, this is a war-like situation. We must act to get the American people back on their feet. I am pleased that the legislation we passed today includes bills I championed to fund telehealth and rural health programs as well as to prevent shortages of essential medical devices, like masks, respirators and ventilators. The American people are right to expect Congress to rise to the moment, just as they have. It is time to help small businesses keep employees on payroll, put money directly into the hands of families and stabilize our economy amid this unprecedented health and economic crisis. We need to quickly turn to executing on the promises made to ensure America is strong and healthy. May God bless our country as we recover.”

Senator Perdue Took Strong Actions To Keep Georgians Safe and Support American Jobs:

  • Penned op-ed laying out five steps to protect workers and preserve the U.S. economy as the country fights the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Led amendment to suspend payroll taxes for one year to provide direct relief for employers and employees.
  • Held calls to receive direct feedback from Georgia-based businesses and health care professionals.
  • Applauded critical care workershealth workers, truck drivers, janitors, and grocers, for carrying out essential jobs.
  • Released public service announcement encouraging Georgians to follow advice of public health officials.
  • Took action to return home 31 Georgians from Grand Princess cruise ship who were quarantined at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.
  • Worked to repatriate Georgians from Honduras, Peru, India, Guatemala, Morocco and around the world, quickly and safely.

Together, Senators Perdue and Loeffler Fully Supported Critical Response Efforts:

  • Supported initial funding for public health-focused coronavirus response and to assist American families.
  • Proposed solutions to support the agricultural community and prevent labor shortages.
  • Requested increase in resources for American medical centers, like Augusta University and Emory University, to help expedite testing.
  • Pushed for new measures to support coronavirus-impacted small businesses.
  • Announced Georgia public health agencies will receive nearly $15 million in federal funding to aid response efforts.
  • Welcomed President Trump to the Atlanta-based CDC to receive an update on the agency’s coronavirus response.
  • Supported President Trump’s national emergency and Governor Brian Kemp’s public health emergency declarations.