ICYMI: Senator David Perdue’s Clean Page Approach To Fixing Washington’s Broken Budget Process

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, recently shared a draft proposal to fix Washington’s broken budget process and called on Congress to adopt a clean page approach and politically neutral platform to fund the federal government. Here are some highlights:


Roll Call: Senator David Perdue Seeks Radical Changes To Budget Process: “Senate Republican freshmen have seen enough to know that the way Congress approaches the federal budget is broken. And a prospective fix that one of them is unveiling Thursday is nothing short of radical — at least by the standards of the often creaky Senate. Georgia Republican David Perdue is proposing to break down the wall between authorizing and appropriating — a way of doing business that, by design, would upend the 1974 Budget Act… ‘We're not just complaining about the status quo, and again, we're not complaining about the other side. There are no innocent parties when it comes to this debt crisis,’ Perdue said.” (Republican Senator Seeks Radical Changes to Budget Process, 9/29/2016)


The Hill: Restive GOP Freshmen Eye Changes To Budget Process: “Senate Republican frustrated with Washington’s spending are pushing for dramatic reforms. The calls are coming from freshmen GOP senators stunned that only one appropriations bill was sent to President Obama’s desk. The most ambitious proposal is from Sen. David Perdue  (R-Ga.), a former CEO of Dollar General and Reebok, who is appalled by Congress’s ability to meet deadlines or make any meaningful progress toward entitlement reform. Perdue says Congress should consider taking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — the country’s three biggest mandatory spending programs — off of autopilot and empowering lawmakers to reauthorize their spending levels on an annual or biennial basis.” (Restive GOP freshmen eye entitlement reform, 10/01/2016)


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Senator David Perdue Unveils Ambitious Plan to Rewrite Congress’ Budget Rules: “The former Fortune 500 CEO spent months surveying his Senate colleagues for ideas about how Congress could, for the first time in roughly two decades, pass its 12 annual spending bills on time. He also studied examples from foreign governments and the corporate world. The result is a sweeping proposal that would fundamentally change the nation’s budget laws for the first time in more than 40 years.” (Senator David Perdue unveils ambitious plan to rewrite Congress’ budget rules, 9/29/2016)


Albany Herald: Washington’s Federal budgeting process a perpetual failure: “One thing has become undeniable — the current way of constructing a federal budget doesn’t work. The reason may be the process is intrinsically flawed or members of Congress simply don’t have the will or ability to do the job, but the budgeting process, as it stands now, is dead on arrival every September…Indeed, it would be marvelous to see Congress properly handle this, its most basic function. It’s time to toss this dysfunctional budget process and replace it with a workable solution.” (Editorial: Washington’s Federal budgeting process a perpetual failure, 9/29/2016)


Politico Pro: Senator David Perdue Presents Solutions For Budget Plan: “[Perdue] sat down with reporters Thursday to talk a little about his plan, which includes: having the budget hold the force of law and not just be a resolution; make all spending (including entitlement programs) and revenue part of the annual funding process; restructure the budget and appropriations committees; and withhold compensation from lawmakers, members of the administration and staff if funding deadlines are missed.” (Politico Pro: Budget & Appropriations Brief, 9/30/2016)


Bloomberg BNA: Sen. Perdue Has Plan That Would Consolidate Committees: “The plan would make major organizational changes by consolidating the appropriations and authorizations committees in the Senate into subject-area policy committees and create an ‘executive committee’ for appropriations made up of the chairmen and chairwomen of the committees and the ranking members. That committee would decide on an overall spending number for the upcoming fiscal year and the allocations for the policy committees. Perdue said his effort, which has included talking to fellow freshmen Republican senators and Democratic senators, was complementary to Enzi's initiatives, not in opposition to it.” (Sen. Perdue has Plan that would Consolidate Committees, 9/30/2016)


CQ Roll Call: Senator David Perdue Proposes Dramatic Reshaping Of Budget Process: “Under Perdue’s proposed realignment, the Senate Finance Committee would set the total revenue level at the start of the year...The Executive Committee would set the spending topline and the 12 policy committee allocations, and later package the dozen bills reported by the policy committees into four large spending bills covering defense and veterans; health care, including Medicare and Medicaid; retirement, including Social Security and federal employee retirement; and, in the fourth bill, all other government programs. The policy committees would combine the duties of authorizing and appropriating programs.” (CQ Roll Call: Perdue Proposes Dramatic Reshaping of Budget Process, 9/29/2016)


Washington Examiner: Senator David Perdue Suggests Severe Consequences if Congress Fails To Pass Budget On Time: “Sen. David Perdue, a freshman Republican from Georgia, said that there needed to be ‘severe consequences’ if Congress fails to pass a budget, which is why he included the no-pay provision in an outline of budget process reform shared with reporters Thursday. Docking the pay of members of Congress or the administration would not be enough to sway lawmakers like himself, he said.” (Washington Examiner: Republican's idea for forcing a budget: Docking staffers' pay, 9/30/2016)


The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget: Senator David Perdue Leads Conversation On How To Fix Washington's Broken Budget Process: “[Perdue] noted that while budget process reform would not solve the problem with our growing debt, it will not be possible to address the debt without reforming the budget process. He said that reforms should provide a politically neutral process to make decisions in a timely and responsible manner…We commend Senator Perdue and his colleagues for calling attention to the need for reforms of the budget process and their continuing work on reforms that the Senate can consider.” (Senator David Perdue Leads Conversation On How To Fix Washington's Broken Budget Process, 9/30/2016)